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Harrison and Rex-bot


     A graphic artist and cartoonist, Daniel Roberts is a graduate of commercial art from Iowa Wesleyan University  and  a  graduate  of  the  Art  Instruction School which he particiated in during his junior and senior years of high school.

     A life-long resident of the state of Iowa, he has been drawing since he tried copying the Peanuts comic strip characters at the age of 4. This introduced him to his first taste of comic strip drawing. His cartoon,  illustrations and artwork have appeared in a number of publications, several book jackets and on several websites. Roberts'  continuing comic strip named "Haley's Comment" has been appearing in the publication "Toons"since 2003.

     He has written and illustrated four cartoon book: "The Funny Side of Hunting & Fishing,"  "Another Funny side of Hunting and Fishing," "Kitty's Laws: Murphy's Laws for Cat Owners" and "Canine's Laws: Murphy's Laws for Dog Owners". There is also a collection of "Haley's Comments"cartoons  in book form.  He has also written and illustrated a number of children's picture books and easy-reader chapter books. Among the children's picture books including "The Santa Claus Easter Bunny Switch", "There's a Cookie Stuck to my Nose", "Birds on my Head", "Chicken in the Hen House", "Harrison and his Dinosaur Robot", "The Places I've been and the Things I've Seen", "Mr. Big and Miss Little: A Book of Opposites", "If We Had a Bunch of Dinosaurs", "The Superhero Club" and "The Great Dino-Circus". Among the easy-reader chapter books includes "Boy and Dinosaur," "The Two Witches," "The Adventures of Tumbleweed Smith" and "Drac and Wolfie Monster Makers."  
He writes and illustrates the "Pep Squad Mysteries" series.

He has illustrated several children's books for other writers including "Acorns for Lunch," "Jump to the Moon" and "Pennwick," by Bert Miller and "Do Fish Sneeze?" by poet Jean Tweed.